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Welcome to PossumTrendz - Possum Silk and Merino Wool Clothing Made in New Zealand

Possum Fur is luxuriously soft and, when blended with Merino Wool, is also very hard wearing. It is the ultimate fashionable garment for any wardrobe. Possum fur blended with Merino knitwear is unique to New Zealand.

It gives warmth without weight. The fur is hollow so it acts as an insulator. Possum fur keeps you warm in winter, and cool in summer. Possum Fur garments are an ideal gift to send to friends and family overseas.

Merino Wool is light and warm. Some Merino wool is made into thermal underwear for extra warmth. Merino wool garments are ideal for campers, trekkers, fishing, hunting, and any other outdoor sports. Because Merino wool is a natural fibre, Merino wool light weight tops feel and looks stunning under a Possum fur jacket or cardigan.