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For the love of possum

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Angela Peacock

Angela Peacock has long been a champion of the incredible properties of possum-merino knitwear. For years, this blend was one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets but now it is finding its way onto the world stage. If you’ve ever wondered why possum-merino clothing is so loved around New Zealand, read on!


The secret behind the warmth of possum fur is the structure of the hairs. A possum’s hairs are hollow, like those on a polar bear, which means each super-fine hair (we’re talking 16-18 microns thick!) has its own insulating pocket of air. This makes it lighter and less bulky than pure merino wool. Possum fur is even more waterproof than pure merino and wicks moisture away from the skin more effectively.


So how much warmer is possum fur compared to wool? It is 50% warmer than pure merino and, more amazingly, 35% warmer than the legendary cashmere wool.


But when possum fur is combined with New Zealand merino wool, the result is truly astonishing.


The possum-merino blend is:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-static
  • Bio-degradable
  • Fire retardant
  • UV resistant


What’s more, the garments available here are low-pill and long wearing, not to mention even more luxuriously soft than pure merino or cashmere. For people who can’t wear wool garments, this blend is the perfect substitute. Because this blend is so breathable, you’ll even find occasions to wear your possum-merino garment in Spring and on cooler Summer evenings.


This is a uniquely New Zealand product. By buying possum-merino knitwear, you are supporting an industry that employs hundreds of people and helps to protect our native bush. If you love possum-merino clothing, you love New Zealand.