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Washing your possum/merino garments

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Angela Peacock

Taking care of your possum/merino blend garments is simple. Because of the fantastic natural anti-pill, anti-bacterial and UV-resistant properties of this fabric, these garments require little washing. Except the socks, you’re allowed to wash those.


Remember to always hang your garments properly when they’re washed and dry.


We strongly recommend using a wool detergent and hand-washing your garments in cold water. Gently squeeze the excess water out and lay them flat to dry. This helps to prevent the garment from losing its shape over time.


If you wish, you can put your garments through the washing machine on a slow rinse cycle. We cannot replace items that have been improperly washed or treated with chemicals not suited for wool garments.


Do not use standard laundry detergents or washing powders, bleach or stain removers. Washing your garments in hot water  is likely to shrink them.


It is important to note that items with genuine possum fur (not the possum/merino blend) cannot be washed by hand or by machine as the fur does not react well to chemicals. If you have a garment with genuine possum fur attached, it must be dry cleaned.


When your garments are ready to be dried, lay them flat on a laundry rack. Hanging them with clothes pegs may cause them to stretch over time and lose the original shape and fit.


If in doubt, we recommend you refer to the manufacturer’s washing instructions on the garment or on their website.